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Handmade Jar Candle


Candles in glass jars. Jar type may vary, but will contain the amount of wax specified.

Jar candles, hand-poured with either renewable palm or soy vegetable wax. No paraffin! Wicks are made from paper, cotton, wood or other natural fibers.

Wax is per your own custom choice: scented or not, colored or not.


Mason jars: 4 oz jelly jars, 8 oz jelly jars, 16 oz (pint), 32 oz (quart)

Recycled jars: can be varied from our supply or you can supply it and we refill with wax options of       your choice.

Colors may vary due to the handmade nature of this product.

Main image is 3 soy pint size mason jar candles. Decorations are NOT included.

Scents: EO means Essential Oil, extracted from plants, not synthetic fragrances.


Any products on backorder may have a long lead time due to current supply chain issues.


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